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From tightening your bra straps, adjusting the
underband, to going up a cup size. Read on for
Evans’ expert tips on how to fit your bra correctly.

Check Your Bra Fit
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Bra straps act as stabilizers for your bra and
should only support 10-20% of the total weight.
Straps should sit parallel or slightly
V-shaped on the back.

The length of your straps should be adjusted
enough to support the cup, but should
also feel comfortable.

If they are sliding off your shoulders your under
bust band may be too small. Try a bigger
under bust size, and a cup size smaller.

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The underband provides the majority of the bra’s
support, the wrong size can lead to back
pain and discomfort.
Fasten the underband on the loosest hook. The fit
should be nice and snug and you shouldn’t be able to
pull it more than two inches away from your back.

It should sit horizontally level across your back
and front, not riding up at the back.

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The wrong size cups can give the appearance of four
breasts, spilling over or cause accidental gaping.
There should be no spilling or gaping at the top or
the side of the cups.

The wire should sit flat against your rib cage, from
the middle of your chest and along the crease of
your bust, with absolutely no lifting away.

If the underwire is digging in between your breasts
or in the breast tissue, try going one cup size bigger
but keep the under bust band the same.

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Now that you know the correct fit, try
different shaped bras. It might be that
a balcony bra fits you better than a full
cup or plunge bra in the same size.

Try it on! Every brand cuts and fits
differently. Sometimes you need
to ignore the labels and try it on
to ensure the best fit.

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